In the economic globalization of the new century, it has become a common wish and persistent pursuit of all the people of Holley to find their own position, create a global brand and build a long-lasting Holley. It is the goal of the Holley people, indicating that they are not content with the achievements they have gained and decide to be a world first-class international company and make Holley a world renowned brand. Meanwhile, Holley people also understand that it is a heavy task for a Chinese company to create a world first-class brand. It requires the ceaseless efforts of the Holley people in generations. Therefore, to realize the goal, it is necessary to build Holley a long-lasting company.

The purpose of HolleyTo enhance the social welfare, to realize the life value.
The spirit of HolleyConsensus, Consolidation, Collaboration, Communion.
Creed of management

Take employees as the foremost of Holley

Take brand as the soul of Holley

Take market as the life of Holley

The process of management = the process of innovation

Creed of employeesGrowing up while working
Policy of managementTo be a well-known world brand, to be a century Holley
The selection of employees

Better to teach one fishing than giving fish

To have both ability and political integrity

To have one heart to help each other for building a century 

Holley together